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What are condos, townhomes, and patio homes?

Condos, townhomes, and patio homes can be great real estate investments in the Prescott area. But these descriptions can sometimes be confusing. In fact, many people don’t know the difference between these property types. In the interest of helping the real estate investor be as knowledgeable as possible, let’s take a look at what each of these terms mean legally, and what they mean in a real estate listing.

Condominiums are much like apartments, where other units may be above you, below you, or to either side. A condo owner is legally considered to own the property consisting of the walls in. In addition, the owner also has a proportional share ownership of the common areas of the complex, based on how many units are present. For example, in a 100-unit condo complex, the owner holds a 1/100 share of the common area in addition to his own unit. Condo ownership comes with no land rights and no airspace rights above. Parking is typically not attached to the property (although in some cases it is), but assigned to the unit and a part of the legal ownership structure.

In a townhome, the owner typically owns the land below and the airspace above the unit, in addition to a percentage ownership of common area. In essence, no one has the right to build above or below your unit, unlike the rights to a condominium. Although most people consider a townhouse to be two or more stories, that is not always the case. A property may legally be considered a townhome even if it is a single-story property. Townhomes typically share common walls to either side with other units but never above or below. Parking may be attached to the unit or it may be assigned somewhere on the property.

Patio homes are very much like townhomes except they often do not share common walls with other units, or sometimes only one wall. These are constructed much like free-standing homes, but typically very close together or connected in a limited manner. Parking is usually a part of the unit itself, not common on the property. Also like a townhome or condo, patio home ownership comes with a percentage share ownership of the common areas of the development. Whenever there are common areas, whether the property is condo, townhouse, or patio home, there will be a homeowners association (HOA). The HOA is in place to oversee the care and maintenance of common areas and to maintain the value of the properties located within it. This is a complex subject with many legal implications for the investor, so extra care and due diligence are required.

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